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The Lost Princess Blog Tour//Character Interview with Mason

Hey friends! Welcome to the fifth day of the blog tour! Today we have an interview with Mason.

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The Interview

1) Hey Mason! I’m happy to have you here. Let’s start with the first question: how old were you when you became captain of the guard for Queen Villn?
I was young, nineteen, but then you could say that I’ve always been at the top of my class!
2) What was being captain of the guard like?
Stressful, but then, doing anything for Queen Villn is stressful.
3) What are your plans for life?
Well, I hope to get a house in town and become a professional fencer. I didn’t choose to be captain of the guard, or even work in the castle, but there’s not much you can do to stop Queen Villn. She’s powerful.
4) How would you describe your personality in six words?
Big, awesome, brave, adventurous, charming (Cilla would disagree), and confident!
5) Do you ever stop teasing people?
Nope! Well, I do when Queen Villn is around, but only because I have to. I can usually find someone to tease!
6) When was the best day in your life?
Well, that’s hard. I’ve had a lot of good days! For example, my eighteenth birthday (long story), or the day Cilla decided it would be fun to throw up on Queen Villn!

The giveaway runs until tomorrow, so be sure to enter soon!


And that was the fifth day of the blog tour! Tomorrow I’ll have a review of The Lost Princess, and tomorrow is also release day, so be sure to come back.


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