Meet the Blogger

Hello! My name is Gracelyn Buckner, but you can call me Grace. (I do not like to be called Gracie. 😉 ) For a more formal info on me, please click here. Otherwise, read on. 🙂

I was born and raised in the mountains of Western North Carolina, (which, if you need a city to think of, is near Asheville, NC. I live to the north of Asheville.) Here are some pictures I took of areas near my home:


Craggy Gardens- About 45 minutes away from my home.
The Sunset over the Mountains.

I’ll give you a couple facts about Western North Carolina:

  1. No one knows where it is. “Western North Carolina? That’s actually a thing?” (Unless you mention Asheville, and then there’s a comment about the wonderful bars, and so on.)
  2. We have a lot of mountains. The tallest in our area is also the tallest on our side of the Mississippi River, Mount Mitchell.
  3. We have distinct seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. (That said, our winters around here have been a bit wimpy for a few years. 😦 But this winter was good.)

Here’s an overview of my family: I have a mom, a dad, one younger brother, two sets of grandparents (both of my grandfathers are retired Baptist pastors), two sets of aunts and uncles, and two cousins. I also have a 99-year-old great-grandmother.

So, back to me. I am a homeschooler, Child of the One True King, author, blogger, and pianist. I have one self-published novella, Letters from Home, and I’m working on several other projects. I am an INFJ/INTJ, depending on the time of day (if you care about that). I have a black cat named Baby Midnight, who thinks I’m crazy (most people would agree).

That expression says it all. 😉

My favorite…

Bible Verses…

  1. II Corinthians 12:9&10b
  2. Micah 5:2
  3. Psalm 139:14&17-18
  4. Psalm 77:1-10
  5. Ephesians 2:10


  1. Over the Hedge
  2. I’m Not Ashamed
  3. It’s a Wonderful Life/The Polar Express
  4. Anne of Green Gables (1985)
  5. The Greatest Showman


  1. Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes
  2. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
  3. Emily Climbs by L.M. Montgomery
  4. Anne’s House of Dreams by L.M. Montgomery
  5. Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery

I can’t list all my favorites, so if you want to know those, check out my Goodreads shelves. My favorite author is L.M. Mongomery.

TV Series:

  1. Little House on the Prairie
  2. Poldark
  3. When Calls the Heart
  4. Bonanza (Westerns in general)
  5. NCIS, Blue Bloods, & Bull

Things I like/love/that interest me:

  • cats, rabbits, and squirrels
  • history, epecially: the Romanov Family, the Civil War/Stonewall Jackson, Titanic, and the Biltmore Estate
  • MBTI Personality Types
  • Pinterest (link to my profile)
  • L.M. Montgomery (I have a collection of her books! 🙂 )
  • winter, snow, and cold (I was born on the first day of winter, so…)
  • Russia-the history and the language

So, hopefully this gave you an idea of what I’m like. Thanks for visiting! 🙂